About me


Hello everyone,

Just a little bit about me, my name’s Hannah & I’m 24 from Ireland. I have CMT Type 1a, I was diagnosed in 2012 after many years of tests and confusion. It wasn’t until the end of 2018, that I started to accept my condition and embrace what I CAN do. I spent many years in a dark place and was always very negative about the things I am unable to do.

So, I had enough, and I started to become more positive and confident. Yes, I am unable to walk unaided, I struggle opening jars and chopping up veg. I even fall over my own shadow and struggle getting back up. I panic when there’s stairs and long distances to walk but instead of worrying about those things, I started to just face those things as they come and not get to so worked up.

This past year I have realised how fast times goes and I know we always hear it, but you don’t fully understand until we come to that conclusion ourselves. I begun thinking about what it is I want out of life and what were my dreams. Which is when I started my blog & Instagram (mycmtjourney) and realised I want to help others with CMT, for all those young people who are clueless to what is wrong with them and all those people who are still in a dark place.

As much as I would love to help each individual person, unfortunately that’s not possible. But I can try and help raise awareness of our condition. We have all experienced the puzzled faces when we tell others what CMT is and the lack of understanding from healthcare professionals.

And one day it dawned on me, I could design a few t-shirts and show all my fellow CMT’ers. I spent years helping my father with his printing company, so I had the experience and what better way to utilise that, than spreading awareness of my condition.  We could wear them and grow the recognition of CMT. It could be a great conversation starter “hey, what does your t-shirt mean?” and we have just educated someone new. Also, if we see a stranger wearing one, we could possibly form friendships. How exciting is that 😊

I have had so much fun creating this website & all the designs but more importantly becoming involved in this community has been so incredible. Sharing my stories and following others, chatting to people who understand my struggles has been beyond amazing.

I would like to sincerely thank you for visiting my website & checking out all my designs. And to those who have purchased a product, thank you dearly. It means the world to me, that we can all work together to raise awareness but more importantly doing that helps all the people who are feeling alone in their struggles. We are a community of wonderful people who help and support one another.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you ever need someone to chat too, then please feel free to message me here, Facebook or Instagram. I am always here to help in any way I can. And, if you have any specific requests that you would like on a t-shirt, I would be more than happy to try and design something for you.

Take care & much love,

Hannah xxx